Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother's Day pampering

For Mothers day I received an invite to get to go to Londyn's school for a little pampering. All the mothers got muffins and juice served by the kids. Then they did our hair, and did our makeup and then gave us great lotion hand message:) The kids were all so proud to be doing that for us. We even got treated to 2 suprise songs that the kids had been working on for mothers day.
Yes, Brexen was with me so I was getting tag teamed with him on one side and Londyn working dilegently on the other:) You could only imagine how wonderful and glamorous I looked when all was said and done.

Londyn made me this wonderful card and jewelery box with a great necklace and hair pin inside:) these are the things that I dont think I will ever be able to get rid of. She was so excited to show me all that she had been working on. Little sweet heart!

This is Londyn with her friend Arielle

Londyn and her very BFF Audry. We just love her so much, what a great friend she has been:)

science project

Here is Brittany's board for her science project. She has worked hard to get all of her end of the year project done. We have worked together alot latley on getting all of these projects

ready:) She got her A on this project. Good job sweetie!

Brittany's softball 2010

So this was Brittany's first year of playing Softball. I had to beg her to try it and even told her that I wouldnt pay for her to participate in all of her other activities until she atleast tried one season. She reluctantly agreed and within only 1 practice was completly hooked! LOL I kept telling her that it was in her blood and that I knew she would enjoy it. Brad and I took her to a few of the ASU softball games and she really enjoyed the whole experience. Sadly last night they had their last game in the championship. Overall for the season out of 10 teams they took 2nd. But in the tourney playoffs they took 3rd. So not to shabby:) She did so great and I was super proud to be her mom! During the season she got several doubles and a triple hit. Ok, it might sound like I am living a little vicariously through her, and I wont lie, it may be true! It is sooooo much fun to be back in the sb setting, I didnt realize how much I missed it until now. I may need to find a leauge to play on:)

Brexens swim class and water fun

Brexen taking his first swim lessons of the season:) This is him and his buddy Jackson and Miss Cheryl. He just LOVES swimming!
This cute little scrapbook page that his teacher made for each of the kids.

This is a pic of the kids all playing over at Tracy's on the waterslide, they had such a great time!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cruise Time to Ensanada

Ok so we totally had a blast on our cruise down to Ensanada Mexico! We laughed SOOOO much the entire time! (very much needed) We went the second weekend in January, what a fun way to start out the new year:) My mom was able to get out of the cold and come to our home to stay with the kiddos. My kids adore my mom, so I new they would be having a great time, which made it so nice not to have to worry about them. She kept them super busy going to the zoo, movies, shopping and pretty much packing in as much as possible. THANK YOU MOM!
We got off the boat to do a little shopping and sight seeing. But we were back on by lunch time. Ensenada wasnt like the coolest place on earth, and we had gathered a few little things to take home for the kids, so we decided to go and soak up a little sun by the pool instead. Brad and Lee kept us entertained by going down the slide, Lee even managed to win a "peice of ship on a stick" after entering a speed slide competition:) I dont know if he wants me to mention that he was up against a bunch of 7 yr olds! LOL no seriously it was so funny!

so this is what I resorted to since I didnt have a mirror to be able to see what the back of my hair looked like. I busted out my camera and would take a pic and then decide from the picture what I needed to do:) LOL pretty smart A??? I never where my hair up, but I did do a little somthing for the formal attire, and here was pretty much the results. To bad you cant see a front veiw, I need to steel those off Jaclyns blog:)

Serious resemblence right!

We had a great ping pong tourney and then went and played a little minature golf. And for the record IT IS HARD on a rocking ship!

This is Lee and Jaclyn Snyder. I hope that Lee doesnt mind these funny pictures of him on here, but seriously the guy wouldnt stop pulling these funny faces every time the camera came out:)

All about Londyn

Yes, Londyn lost her first tooth! She was so excited that she was one of the first in her class to loose one. Poor Brittany was like the last one to loose her first tooth, it's funny how detrimental that was for her at the time:) This tooth was no small task to get out, I usually cant keep my hands off of a super loose schnaggle tooth, and hers was no different. But that dang thing just would not come out! Finally Brittany jumped in and finished it off:) Not to long after she lost this one, she reported having 2 more loose teeth. I really tried to get her to let me pull out altleast the one next to this one before Christmas so that she could sing the "All I want for Christmas song" this year, but it was a no go:)
This was Londyn in her Elf attire, her school had there Christmas program and all the little kids were dressed like elfs, they all looked so cute! And she did a great job singing all of the songs.

Christmas Day 2009

Ok this is one of the funniest pictures taken this Christmas:) If you dont notice at first sight, Brad is standing in front of the tree in his camo outfit thing ( I cant remember what it was called) But it turned out so stinkin' funny!
Here is Londyn, Britt, Jersie & Ryland while at Nana and Papa's house Christmas morning.

These little girlies are so cute in there new glasses:) They have both wanted some of these so badly for awhile now, they seriously were them all the time still:)

This was Brexen's big santa gift. Tractor + Trailor + my son = Hrs and Hrs of playtime and fun:) he could have not received another gift and he would have been fine. He didnt even want to get into his stocking, he just rode away and started scooping things up.

Christmas Eve 2009

Every year Christmas morning we get one of these pics of the kids at the top of the stairs right before we let them come down to the living room where Christmas is all set up. This year the kids were a bit distracted with our new family member "KEEVA" we love our new little boxer! She was an early Christmas gift and we are all just loving her so much:) Who knew that I would ever cave and finally become ok with getting a dog. The things that you do for your chilren:)))
Brexen was so proud to be one of the wisemen this year with Brittany for the manger scene:) I was accually pretty impressed with how he got up there and did just what he was suppost to. Brittany is always so good with the two little ones that it shouldnt suprise me at all since he was with her. This was one of the cutest years yet, there was little Sydney up there as one of the stars and she was hamming it up so cute, she had all the little angels giggling the whole time.

These were the cute little Angels, now let me point out those stunning green earrings that Londyn is sporting:) LOL those were dropped by just before the party by her little crush Porter, he is our bishops son. Oh my goodness what a cute little boy he is and I have been informed by his mother that as far as Londyn goes, she is off the market:))) Porter has big plans already to marry her one day!

Who knows this may be one of the last years that I get to have a great crying picture while up with Santa to get there presents. Boohoo my kids are growing up and it is so weird going from having to drag each of my kids up crying to sit on santas lap to them all going excitedly. Maybe I will have to pinch one of them right before there turn next year:))

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Family pics

Ok so I know that it has been forever since I have blogged. I will be honest in saying that facebook has my heart at the moment. However, I just had to share these super cute family pics tha we just got taken.

This picture has to come with a story: first of all this is my family in a nutshell at the moment, this shows everyones personality so well
Brexen- so defiant and totally not going to do what he is soppost to
Londyn- Extreamly obidient and so happy all the time
Brittany- Over it! so annoyed at the entire situation. (oh to be a preteen again)
and Brad and I thretening the kids with there lives if they dont just do what they are suppost to
do:) LOL why do we torture ourselves every year with this??? oh that's right, because it IS worth it when we get the pictures back and they turn out so cute:) Thanks Becca!

Could my daughters get any more beautiful??? I think not:)

I seriously often wonder why I was such a LUCKY mom to be blessed with such AMAZING kids!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brittany swimming with "Rio Swim Club"

Wohoo, 1st place in the 50 freestyle!
I wasn't very prepared at this meet and didnt even think of bringing the others bathing suits, so within 5 minutes of arriving both kids were soaking wet and having a blast:)

What a cute swimmer!

Brittany competed in her very first Swim meet and did so great! It was down in Casa Grande. I was so proud of her, they did this meet a little different than norm. Instead of just signing up for your best strokes they had all the kids race every stroke. So needless to say, they were all jello legs and exausted by the end, but even after that, Brittany's last race was freestyle which is her favorite and she pulled out a first place 50 with a time of 44:15. Totally kicked the others booties:) I hope that this is somthing that she sticks with, it was so much fun!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Camping trip

Brittany and her friend Hayley that went on the trip with us. We gave them there own tent and they thought that was awsome, they were such huge helpers with the all the kids. Thanks girlies!
Londyn, Kaitlyn and Cambria waiting paitenly for breakfast. Ok so maybe Londyn wasnt waiting so paitenly as you can see from her tears. But the wait was well worth it, yum is there anything better than camping pancakes and eggs:)

I just thought this was such a great pic of Brex and cheezy Brad:)

Tami and Dave whipping up some breakfast burritos

So this past weekend our fam went camping with a couple other families. I think everyone had a blast. I know we did! It was such a much needed gettaway. I swear that my mind has been fried from my new church calling as the Primary President. It is a brand new ward so all the callings have to be filled and we have around 150 kids, so I have been going crazy trying to get things organized. Things are coming along, but wow I am not sure that I am cut out for this job along with me working full time. I am just trusting that I am were I am suppost to be and totally open to learn and grow:)